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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Did you hear? Cheney shot somebody ...

Well, I can't wait any longer for Dick Cheney to personally call me and explain the hunting accident. I guess that puts me in the same group with David Gregory, one of NBC's "objective" reporters.

It was so predictable that the MSM would lose it over this. Cheney bad. Hunting bad. Guns bad. Repbulicans bad. How could it be any better? As usual, the the press corps. made fools out of themselves ... another day at the office for them. This was special, though, because they thought this was so clear cut and went all out.

This will subside and the press corps. will be on the lookout for the next "crisis" that requires Bush or Cheney to resign or be impeached. Guaranteed. These people are "stuck on stupid".

I thought Tony Blankley captured it best. BTW, check out the other columns at The MSM just gets skewered and they deserved it.

Ok, let me leave the children for now and talk about the adults in this whole affair. Cheney accidentally shot his friend with birdshot. Of course, he's going to feel bad. Notice how the press didn't give a damn about that. I also thought that Whittington's comments were so appropriate: they were kind to Cheney and devastating to the press.

I'd like to say this accident only increased my confidence in Cheney but it can't go any higher.


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