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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Alito SCOTUS Hearings: Wife leaves in tears

James Taranto makes some observations about the Alito hearings. For you Ted Kennedy fans, he's also known as "Alioto".

The Democrats couldn't get anything on Alito so they started "beating dead horses" for days by implying he is a racist bigot and his Vanguard investments somehow caused conflicts. Lindsey Graham, finally made a poignant speech about the Democrat's repulsive attack and this brought Mrs. Alito to tears. Of course, the MSM dishonestly reported this as if the Republicans were responsible for Mrs. Alito's tears when obviously it was Graham's speech that exposed the pain that the Democrats had inflicted on her husband. That's just another day at the office for them, though.

The Wahington Times explains why Kennedy is not exactly the right people to start accusing others of racism: he belonged to the Owl club at Harvard that excluded women. CAP, on other hand, an organization that Alito joined only because of Princeton's poor treatment of ROTC, did allow women and minorities to join. CAP was against quotas and that got turned into discrimination. That figures.

I've run out of creative words to express my disgust for the Democrats.

After all of that, though, it looks like Alito will be confirmed soon.


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