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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

I love Sydney, Australia! I lived there for a 1 1/2 years. I thought pictures of of its New Year celebration was most appropriate.

NY Times Leak to be investigated

Finally, the DOJ has determined that the NYT leaks should be investigated.

Here's a link to the NYT's reporting of the investigation.
h/t Lucianne

I wonder if anyone on the left will be investigated or will they put on blinders like Fitzgerald's Plame investigation. I'll believe when I see it.

Victor Davis Hansen Rocks!

Oh man, Victor Davis Hansen just ABSOLUTELY nails it better than anyone I have seen! His latest commentary is PRICELESS: The Plague of Success.

Thank you VDH!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another great speech by Michael Crichton!

Here's another great speech by Michael Crichton! He really nails it!

Finally, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry who is not fooled by the environmentalists.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Science Updates

A portable device that converts salt water to drinking water -- up to 1.7 liters of drinking water a day!
h/t quantumblog

Airport security checkpoint of the future
New systems don't require passengers to empty pockets, take off shoes and remove laptops from carrying cases. Yea!!!

Hybrid cars becoming very popular
I've had a Prius for over 3 1/2 years and have had almost no trouble yet -- knock on wood. The only thing that that I found odd was that I've had to replace more tires than usual.

Japanese instant checkout
Now items can be scanned all together instead of scanning them one at a time. Yea!!!
Yes, I do not like lines.

Evoution breakthroughs of the year
I hope this is true. The post isn't very definitive about the studies, just that there "may" be breakthroughs. I certainly hope so. I also hope that these unconfirmed breakthroughs aren't a backlash due to the new interest in Intelligent Design.

Einstein's relativity proven with the lead of pencil!
Electric charges in graphene behave like relativistic particles with no mass. How ironic that scientists like Einstein probably used pencils to write their work when at the same time they could have been used to prove their work!

Orbits of Uranus's moons changed significantly in the last decade
The post initially talks about the discovery of two new moons but it's the change in orbits that I find shocking.

Ingredients for DNA and protein found around star
Now this is really cool!

Creator's signature in space?
New Scientist is reporting that scientists believe in 20 to 30 years might be able to find a signature by a creator if it exists. Question to pro-evolutionists: is this science?

Blog statistics
Interesting ...

Military Reality

BigDog posted an excellent piece about armored humvees and how long it takes to build these type of vehicles for the military.

A while back Rumsfeld was chastised for saying you go to war with what you've got when questioned about the lack of armor for the humvees. It was a set up by a journalist using one of the soldiers.

It usually takes many years, almost always decades to build and deploy military systems. The need for armored humvees came about because of a new weapon called IED (Improvised Electronic Device). The military had to quickly adjust to this new weapon and it doesn't happen overnight. It resulted in humvees being used in a situation that they were not meant to be used.

The journalists, however, don't get this. At least one of them said the president and the DOD were "criminally negligent" for not getting armored humvees sooner. It's real easy as a journalist to sit on the side and criticize when you don't have clue as to what is going on.

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Two Americas: American Intelligence

What should be done about all the leaks lately?

Michelle Malkin addresses this in her post: How to Stop Dangerous Press Leaks. I think that not only should leakers be prosecuted but their clearances should be removed immediately or at least some action should be taken quickly. The Democrats and MSM are not held accountable and, therefore, feel free to go after Bush regardleass of how much it hurts the US.

The blog Strata-sphere has done sensational work tracking all these leaks. The AJ Strata link in Michelle Malkin's post is good place to start. Here are some of my favorites:
Leakers Robertson and Rockefeller
Senators (never) invstigated for leaking

It's against the law to leak classified information, as it should be. Apparently, though, the MSM and Democrats suddenly think it's ok now with the exception of the Plame case. The hypocrisy of the MSM and Democrats regarding leaks is incredible. On the one hand they wanted to take away Karl Rove's clearance as well as others even though he was never found to do anything wrong and yet, on the other hand when Democrats and the MSM leak it's, um, okay. Unbelievable. Is this the two Americas the Democrats were talking about during the last presidential election?

Hugh Hewitt in his post Journalistic Ethics makes some excellent observations regarding this whole leak affair:
"I wonder what journalism's confused tubas of deep thoughts would say to the hypothetical: If Aldrich Ames had passed the information he gave to the Soviets to the New York Times instead, would Ames have still committed a crime deserving of his life sentence? The New York Times and to a lesser extent the Washington Post have decided that they are the ultimate judges of what will constitute a dangerous breach of national security. The trouble is that both papers, and especially the Times are populated by extreme anti-Bush Ahabs, willing to push all judgment aside for the purpose of trying deseprately to harm the president."

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

A dose of some of the great columnists

Victor Davis Hansen: Why Not Support Democracy?
I'll tell you why: Bush is achieving things that could frankly get him on Mount Rushmore and the leftists can't stand it. The leftists are so selfish and evil that they would rather see Bush fail, as well as the country, in order for them to get their power back.

David Limbaugh recognizes that Bush is honoring his oath with the NSA surveillance. It is so obvious that the Democrats and the MSM were wrong about Iraq and have to invent issues like this to make Bush look bad.

Charles Krauthammer gets to the root of an important intelligence issue despite the never-ending demagoguery.

Mona Charen points out the pathetic reporting of Katrina and the money that will be wasted in such a corrupt like Louisiana. I lived there a long time myself and what I'd like to see is that people are helped immediately but that long-term projects are put on hold until some of the corrupt politicians are voted are impeached out of office. I know this won't happen but I can wish for it, right?

Clifford May points the pathetic position that the leftists have taken with their attempt to kill the Patriot Act and their "cut and run" strategy.

Tim Chapman points out the "block and blame" strategy of the Democrats. About time.

Robert Kagan and Wiliam Kristol point out how well things are going in Iraq and the stubborness of the Democrats not to celebrate it.

Oh well, I could keep posting links. What I'd like to see is more of is the Republicans and Bush going more on the offensive instead of constantly being on the defensive. I think Bush figured this out a couple of months ago but I'm not sure about Congressional Republicans. I think they are getting better but they have to start realizing that the Democrats have no intention of working with them and that media coverage will only improve if they start fighting back. The coverage can't get any worse.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

New York Times not Fit for Print

The MSM has an obvious liberal slant but the New York Times is the worst of the worse.

Jay Leno recently quipped that the Iraqi people must not read the New York Times since they are so happy right now.

Michelle Malkin and have good coverage of the New York Times waiting a year before publishing a story on the eavesdropping on phone calls by the NSA. Interestingly, it pushes the success of Iraq off their front pages and pushes a new book by one of their reporters. Was the story based on illegal leaks? Probably. Will this be investigated? No, because the leaks helped the liberals.

Michelle Malkin wonders whose side the New York Times are on when they try to fraudulently discredit the Iraqi elections.

American Thinker has a commentary on what the New York Times left out of a story on global warming.

The New York Times published a story on secret CIA prisons in other countries. Again, was the story based on illegal leaks? Probably. Will this be investigated? No, because the leaks helped the liberals.

Even Trump recently remarked about the New York Times decline over the years from being one of nation's foremost newspapers to becoming a disgrace.

And now, the worst of the New York Times: the editing of a fallen soldiers last words in a letter.

The New York Times should be driven out of business or at least to the point where this dishonest paper is forced to bring in better people who want to report the news. For now, the New York Times is not fit to be printed. Period.

Thank You Morgan Freeman!

Morgan Freeman was interviewed by Mike Wallace and explained why he disliked black history month: black history was relegated to only one month. Mr. Freeman felt that we stop calling each other white and black to help end racism. I couldn't agree with him more.

Here's the interview described by CBS.

Morgan Freeman: “I am going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man,” he says. “I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman. You wouldn’t say, ‘Well, I know this white guy named Mike Wallace.’ You know what I’m saying?”"

During the interview Freeman asked Wallace what month was dedicated to white history month. Wallace, determined to be a victim and ashamed to be white apparently, stuttered and then said he is Jewish. Huh? What a wackjob Wallace is. Freeman kept his composure and asked Wallace what month was dedicated to Jewish history. Wallace said there was none. Freeman asked him if he wanted a month dedicated to Jewish history. Wallace said no. For some reason this part of the interview could not be found in any of the MSM publications including Fox News.

Iraq War a Success

Maybe it's just me but the Iraqi people look very happy with the US military's effort to democratize Iraq. Maybe that's because they haven't read the New York Times as Jay Leno joked about the other night.

Iraq had its third successful vote with even the Sunnis fully participating. Dorothy, I mean Ted, this doesn't look like Vietnam like me.

God bless all the troops and the Bush administration.

Kathleen Parker has a good article on the complexity of victory: Victory's Tipping Point.

I think it's real simple. We won the symmetric portion of the war within a couple of months and have been winning an asymmetric war with terrorists. As more and more Iraqi troops take over their own country the US and its allies will stand down. This asymmetric war has lasted a little over 2 1/2 years whereas the occupation of Japan lasted 6 years with 350,000 troops. I would expect to see the number of US troops deployed to be reduced dramatically to a few hundred in the next few years.

Oliver North has an excellent article on the success of Iraqi people, the military and Bush, and the failure of the Democrats and the terrorists: E-Day in Iraq.

David Limbaugh rips the Democrats for their failure to recognize the extraordinary success in Iraq: Standing athwart Iraqi history and yelling "stop".

Stephen Schwartz of the TCS Daily has a good commentary not only on the success in Iraq but the failure of the MSM to correct its own errors in reporting: Defeating the Defeatists.

Michelle Malkin has a plethora of coverage of the successful Iraq news over the past week.

Science Updates

Computer Memory to be forgotten?
Spintronic devices would make computer memory as permanent as hard drives since these devices don't depend on power like computer memory. The effect is known as "spin Coulomb drag.

Stretchable and bendable Silicon
A new technique has been discovered that results in stretchable and bendable silicon. This type of silicon can be integrated into artificial muscles, biological tissues, and aricraft wings, just to name few.

One step closer to a quantum computer on everyone's desk
University of Michigan researchers have produced a scalable quantum computer chip.

Cheaper Solar Energy in our future?
Researchers have found ways to fabricate cheaper dirty silicon to improve solar energy conversion. This is god news because I'd love to use only solar energy but financially it just doesn't make sense ... yet.

Mysterious Deep Space Object defies conventional Solar System origins
Discovery of a deep space object has put a dent in the star theory.

Is String Theory in Trouble? Is Popperism the thinking of small minds?
From New Scientist is this article that questions the legitimacy of string theory and considers the impact of athropotic influence of our formulation of the "known" universe. More and more, scientists are considering other universes, multiverses, that could be different from our own and support life forms that could not survive in our universe.

BTW, the author, Amanda Gefter, has this to say about falsification also known as Popperism:
"Other worlds, alternative universes, things we can't see because they are beyond horizons, are in principle unfalsifiable and therefore metaphysical - that's the objection. But the belief that the universe beyond our causal horizon is homogeneous is just as speculative and just as susceptible to the Popperazzi."

Now, keep in mind this article is published in New Scientist. New Scientist is a a SCIENTIFIC magazine. Since the author says alternate universes are in principle unfalsifiable then shouldn't they be considered non-scientific and also not published in scientific magazines? This goes back to the inconsistency of falsificationistic pro-evolution liars who let multiverse theories get a pass and yet expect Intelligent Design to pass some artificial falsification test like evolution. I believe all of this is scientific and that falsificationism, Popperism, is the real culprit of unscientific endeavor.


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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Book Recommendations

State of Fear by Michael Crichton

Crichton has written a scathing book about dishonest science, primarily Global Warming, and also addresses the dishonesty of the media. It is a fictional story replete with credible scientific sources. I highly recommend this book. It was like reading conservative blogs that constantly discredit liberals by using things called facts.

Here is Crichton's link to the book. Also check out his speeches which include his testimony to the Senate. He made the Democrats look pretty stupid.

I'm also including Columbia's criticism of Crichton because these Global Warming proponents do more damage to the credibility of Global Warming than I could ever hope to do. As usual, they have to resort to personal insults since their case is so weak. Thank you Columbia ... keep talking.

Here's Patrick Michael's response to Hansen's failed 1988 predictions.

Here's commentary about the Media's double standard when it comes to green groups. Yes, I know ... shocking!

The Pentagon's New Map by Thomas P. Barnett

Here's an excellent academic analysis of the new environment we are in now that the Cold War has ended. Essentially, Barnett believes we will continue to fight to reduce the number of "Gap" countries and increase the number of "Core" countries. "Gap" countries, like Iraq, are dysfunctional countries that need to be restored in order to join "Core" countries, like the US, that are functioning.