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Friday, November 25, 2005

Golf Shot

Kauai Lagoons Resort - Kiele

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Golf Shot

Wolf Creek Golf Course - Mesquite, Nevada

Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Science Updates

Thinking Harms Brain Cells
DailyScience is reporting that thinking can damage the brain. In all seriousness, the damage occurs in patients with chronic neurodegenerative diseases.

Room Temperature Quantum Computing Discovered
Daily Science is reporting that the ability to do quantum computing is getting closer.

Quantum Dots may replace the Light Bulb
Daily Science is reporting that quantum dots may eventually replace the light bulb.

Here's a quote from the end of the article:
"The light bulb is made out of metal and glass using primarily mechanical processes. Current LEDs are made using semiconductor manufacturing techniques developed in the last 50 years. But, if the quantum dot approach pans out, it could transform lighting production into a primarily chemical process. Such a fundamental change could open up a wide range of new possibilities, such as making almost any object into a light source by coating it with luminescent paint capable of producing light in a rainbow of different shades, including white."

Science Update

This device allows one to interface with a computer using only the brain. Achip isimplanted in the brain and responds to impulses from the brain. Aparalytic from the neck down is using this device.

The Matrix
I see we're getting closer to a Matrix reality. Scientists are breaking part the code on sight.

What is this? How come I can only find advancements that requires sticking something in your brain?

Just a reminder Mars is the closest it's been for many years. It's now moving away from Earth but it is still very easy to see in the eastern sky.

Anti-Aging Hormone
The anti-aging hormone, klotho, was recently discovered. Cool.

Did Life Come From Another World?
Scientific America is asking that question. Recent research indicates that microorganisms could have survived the journey from Mars to Earth. Really cool! I hope the pro-evolutionists don't see this. They get really upset.

Do we live in a 2-dimensional reality?
Scientific American is reporting that gravity might be an illusion as well as one the dimensions of space. I'm not sure if this is cool or weird.

Early starlight of universe detected
New Scientist is reporting that the early starlight of the universe has been detected. We're getting closer to seeing the beginning of the universe.

Golf Shot

Mauna Lani, Hawaii 15th hole