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Saturday, October 29, 2005

New York Times Disrespects Fallen Soldier


The New York Times really did a horrible disservice to one of our fallen soldiers. As much as I despise the New York Times even I can't believe how low they would go. They published the letter of a fallen soldier, a letter to be read in case he died. The New York Times published it but took out his positive references to the military and the war.

I'm so disgusted I'm at a loss for words. The New York Times is the scourge of the US. I hope they are economically destroyed.

Michelle Malkin has the details.

God bless our troops.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Reagan Defense Spending Debunked

I've been meaning to debunk another lie from the left: the tremendous growth in the debt due to Reagan's defense spending. The debt increased by $1.4T, yet defense increases were only $164B ... only 12% of the budget deficits.

Here's a link to the White House's OMB data.

Here's a link to Bureau of Public Debt historical data.

1981 FY - Carter
Outlay: $154B
DOD Increase: $23B

1982 FY - Reagan
Outlay: $181B
DOD Increase: $27B

1983 FY - Reagan
Outlay: $204B
DOD Increase: $23B

1984 FY Reagan
Outlay: $221B
DOD Increase: $17B

1985 FY Reagan
Outlay: $245B
DOD Increase: $24B

1986 FY Reagan
Outlay: $265B
DOD Increase: $20B

1987 FY Reagan
Outlay: $274B
DOD Increase: $9B

1988 FY Reagan
Outlay: $282B
DOD Increase: $8.0B

1989 FY Reagan
Outlay: $295B
DOD Increase: $13B

Also, here's a link to the historical federal funding rate that was at an insane rate of 19.08% when Reagan took over from Carter. It was because of the horrific economy that Reagan inherited not to mention that the debt started growing at a much faster pace in 1975, the year after Nixon resigned and Congress was put in a powerful position at that time.

This is what is so pathetic: the Democrats consistently screw up the country and the Republicans put it back together.

The Defense budget was also cut after the Reagean years .

1990 FY Bush
Outlay: $290B
DOD Decrease: $4B

1991 FY Bush
Outlay: $262B
DOD Decrease: $28B

1992 FY Bush
Outlay: $287B
DOD Increase: $25B

1993 FY Bush
Outlay: $279B
DOD Decrease: $8B

1993 FY Clinton
Outlay: $269B
DOD Decrease: $10B

Got down as low as 253B in 1996 and then rose to 290B by the end of FY 2001.

2002 FY Bush
Outlay: $332B
DOD Increase: $42B

2003 FY Bush
Outlay: $389B
DOD Increase: $57B

2004 FY Bush
Outlay: $437B
DOD Increase: $48B

2005 FY Bush
Outlay: $444B
DOD Increase: $7B

2006 FY Bush
Budget: $426B
DOD Decrease: $18B

Note: In 1994 Health and Human Services passed the Defense in 1994 and never looked back.

2006 Budget
Defense: $426B
Health and Human: $624B

2010 Budget
Defense: $485B
Health and Human: $829B

Thursday, October 20, 2005

DNA-Based Computing

Ok, this is cool. Now DNA may be used to do parallel processing.

Wayne Frasch of ASU has more details.

Congratulations White Sox and Astros

Well, I wanted to see the Angels and Cardinals in the World Series and instead got the White Sox and Astros. Sigh ... oh well.

At this point I will root for the Astros since they have never been to the World Series. I'm still a little ticked off about the second Angels-White Sox game when the batter was called out and yet was allowed to go to first base without really knowing whether the baseball had hit the ground. That wasn't the White Sox fault, though. Furthermore, the lack of Angels offense in the following games was good play on the part of the White Sox.

Good luck to both teams.

A Golf Beauty

On the advice of dave bones, I've decided to focus on the more beautiful aspects of life. With that in mind, I thought I'd start with a beauty on the LPGA, Natalie Gulbis. Click on her image to go to her official website.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Harriet Miers to replace Sandra O'Conner

Here's the Houston Chronicle's report on Harriet Miers.

This was a really strange nomination considering the reactions. Cheney says she's conservative. Harry Reid recommended her. Several other Democrats are pleased as well. What gives?

If Miers is conservative, why do so many Democrats like her? Why do they like her and dislike other conservatives? Strange. The only thing that makes sense is that Bush thinks she is a conservative and Democrats think they can turn her into a liberal like Souter and others. I tend to favor Bush because other presidents have nominated "conservatives" who turned into liberals. He supposedly knows her very well. We shall see.

I'll reserve judgment for now but that's the point. Many conservatives like me don't appreciate having to wonder whether she is convservative. There were many other established conservatives.

What's also disappointing is that this choice may validate the Democrats' constant vicious and vile attacks on Bush and conservatives. Bush should be able to nominate conservatives just like Clinton nominated left-wing extremists like Ginsburg.

Right now I feel disappointed but this may be another brilliant move by Bush.

Congratulations Chief Justice Roberts

Here's Fox News report on Roberts confirmation of Chief Justice.

He is an incredible genius of the law. Period. He is a pleasure to watch.

He single-handedly taught the Senate Judiciary committee about the rule of law. It was beautiful. Thank you Chief Justice Roberts.

Excellent Summary of Intelligent Design

Jeff Jacoby wrote an excellent summary on Intelligent Design. He separated Creationists and Intelligent Design, and at the same time showed that Intelligent Design can be treated as science.

I couldn't agree more. If evolution can't explain everything regarding the formation of living things, why is it a bad thing to consider intelligent intervention even it coincides with religious beliefs? To only believe in evolution with disregard to evidence treats evolution as a religion.

The bottom line: keep an open mind about Intelligent Design regardless of where religion may interesect.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Angels clinch the American League West!

Alright! The Angels clinched the American League West division with a win over the Oakland A's, 4-3.

Golf shot of the week

Kauai Lagoons Resort - Kiele