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Monday, September 26, 2005

Some Good News for a Change

Let's see, since Bush became president we've had to endure the following: the Clinton Recession, 9/11, the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, four hurricanes hitting Florida within two months, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Rita. It's easy to get down and feel like so many things are going wrong.

The US economy has recovered from the Clinton Recession and is running at a healthy clip ... not too slow, not too fast.

Michael Barone gives us the big picture of good news.

9/11 was a wake-up call, a horrendous one. Unfortunately, we needed it because of Clinton's cowardly approach to terrorism. We know what Clinton was busy doing when he wasn't on vacation. 9/11 led to the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) -- the Afghanistan War and Iraq War -- that we are winning despite all disinformation from the media.

Jeff Jacoby has a good article reminding us of the good news from Iraq that we received from Chrenkoff.

It's been reported that the No. 2 terrorist was killed in Iraq yesterday.

No doubt, the hurricanes have hurt many in the past year or so. In the most recent hurricane, Rita, Texans and west Louisianians have shown us that the US does know how to respond to hurricanes, not to mention the Floridians who weathered those four last year. So far, I haven't seen any reports of death caused directly by hurricane Rita -- there was a bus accident that killed approximately 20 people ... very sad. Rita and the Florida hurricanes show that the US can respond to national disasters and that New Orleans is an isolated failure. It should provide some balance to the politicized congressional investigations.

The number of deaths from Katrina are much lower than reported, thank God. It was thought that hundereds died in the Superdome, but it turns out it was only six. Not to mention, the media's utter failure to report facts.

The huge silver lining coming out of the Katrina Hurricane is that New Orleans and the levee situation may actually get fixed this time. Even better, the corrupt politics in Louisiana that include Blanco, Nagin, and Landrieu will be under the microscope.

Here's John Fund's turn at the microscope.
Here's Jacob Sullum's turn at the microscope.
Here's Mark Alexander's turn at the microscope.

There are several other taking their turns at the microscope.

Even the Democratic party is starting to crack at the seams. Wyoming Democrats say their national leaders are too liberal. h/t Powerline.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Latest Hurricane Developments - Rita, Katrina

It looks like the response to Hurricane Rita has been exemplary, especially compared to New Orleans. Granted, for everyone who was adversely affected by Hurricane Rita I don't want to minimize the loss and sorrow.

One excuse I've heard for the excellent response to Rita is that lessons were learned from Katrina. How absurd. We are supposed to believe that FEMA, described as inept by critics, suddenly found their brains and learned how to respond to hurricanes? FEMA, an organization that successfully responded to the 4 hurricanes that hit Florida last year, suddenly forgot how to do their job this year, but only in New Orleans? Yeah, right.

The difference in Rita and Katrina that's being reported on Fox News is the first responders. The first responders did their jobs instead of sitting around waiting for Daddy Bush to do everything. So, where are all those critics who blamed only the federal government, especially Bush? Will Bush get credit for the Rita response? No.

For anyone who still doesn't understand first responders and the support role that FEMA plays, I recommend visiting the FEMA site and reading the National Response Plan. There you will find that New Orleans and Katrina was politicized and that there is room for improvement in the NRP. BTW, is anyone talking about improving the state and local emergency plans? I think those plans need the most improvement, or maybe it's local officials who should execute those plans instead of sitting around crying. Blanco is starting to realize this.

Maybe Blanco is waking up because some are talking about her resignation or recall. She's a Democrat so she doesn't have the integrity to step aside and let someone with a brain run the state. She should be kicked out of the state, not to mention Landrieu.

Broussard, another silly little clown, was interviewed by Russert and was praising the feds response. He had accused the feds of murder a few weeks ago until his story was shown to be false. Russert embarassed the hell out him.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Golf Shot of the Week

Kaneohe Klipper Golf Club

Hurricanes and Kooky Ideas

I'm sure for some residents who live on the Gulf caost, they must feel cursed right now. My heart goes out to them.

I wonder if we will get some more kooky ideas regarding hurricanes. No doubt, we will see a connection made between hurricanes and Global Warming. Will RFK Jr. say, "See, I told you so." What an idiot.

Here's an article by Patrick Michaels who exposes scientists for intentionally skewing the results of their hurricane analysis because of their interesting choice of parameters.

BTW, speaking of Global Warming, Blair has apparently pulled the plug on the Kyoto Treaty.

Hurricane Rita Makes Landfall

Hurricane Rita made landfall last night at the Texas Louisian state line. So far, the damage varies but overall it looks like Rita wasn't as bad as Katrina. However, this was what everyone thought about Katrina after the first day.

It doesn't sem fair. Houston and surrounding areas really came through for New Orleans and to get hit themselves so soon ... it's just not right. All I the people I know in Houston and Lake Charles got out. Thank God.

What a difference, though. The Galveston mayor used school buses to evacuate people. Nagin did not. 1,500 troops were ordered into the area. Blanco waited days before ordering sufficient troops. It's already being reported that the local officials have stayed on the scene and responded immediately rescue and recovery. What a difference.

President Bush is in Colorado Springs and intentionally stayed away from the hurricane landing site to keep from causing interference. FEMA apparently is doing their job. Again, what a difference. Hmmm ... how can Katrina be only Bush's fault yet New Orleans is the only area that failed to respond?

I hope when the investigations of Katrina start in Washington, they compare it to Rita as well as Floyd in 1999. Three weeks after Hurricane Floyd some areas were still severely flooded. In 1999 Clinton was president and Witt was in charge of FEMA. I hope Washington also takes a look at themselves and whether the National Response Plan is sufficient. Yeah, right, that'll happen.

LSU Rescheduled for Monday Night

The LSU Tigers have been rescheduled to play Monday night at 6:30pm because of hurricane problems for the past few weeks. LSU will be playing Tennessee.

Angels on Top by 4 games

The Angels increased their lead by four games over the Oakland A's Friday night with a win over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Nine games left in season, 4 at Oakland.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Intelligent Design and Evolution CAN Co-exist

Here are acouple of articles that summarize my understanding and beliefs regarding Intelligent Design and evolution.

Lee Harris talks about how theology is a muddle and doesn't see a conflict between ID and evolution. I couldn't agree more. Frankly, I became more respectful of religion when I realized the scientific community was neglecting ideas and endeavors that coincided with religion. That's wrong.

James Pinkerton wrote an interesting article on Intelligent Design (ID). His thinking on the matter comes close to how I feel about ID as well.

I have an open mind regarding the contributions of evolution and ID. The latest argument is the lack of falsification for ID.

Ok, I would like for someone to show me the falsification test for the hypothesis: An Earth-like planet exists in the universe. No one has falsified this hypothesis. This hypothesis can be applied in the same form when searching for many scientific phenomenon: the Higgs boson exists, 10 dimensional strings exist, etc. These endeavors are certainly regarded as being scientific yet no one can falsify these hypotheses.

One creative argument I have seen a few times is to make the hypothesis negative: An Earth-like planet does not exist. The falsification test is that an Earth-like planet is found. Well, if this an acceptable approach, then the following hypothesis can be formulated: Intelligent design has not been used to affect the formation of living things. The falsification test is that intelligent design is found.

I find this whole word game dishonest. To make the hypothesis negative in order to satisfy the overrated falsification test is wrong.

Intelligent design should be considered since evolution cannot explain at this time the Cambrian explosion; cannot explain the sudden appearance of large living forms; cannot explain the formation of multiple sets of organs that are dependent on each other (irreducible complexity); cannot explain that natural selection does not result in new genetic material.

Live Science not surprisingly argues against ID. The article shows that the author doesn't understand what ID is. The author also gives one example for each of the main issues, irreducible complexity and specificied complexity, as if that's enough proof to say that ID isn't possible. It's like saying Jane doesn't like carrots, therefore, humans don't like carrots. I like the graphics that went with the article, though. Heh.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Angels still on top

After last night the Angels won 12 inning game against the Tigers and remain on top in the AL West.

Here's the remaining schedule.

LSU has a bye this week

The nationally 3rd ranked LSU has a bye this week. Next week they play Tennessee.

Here's the schedule.
Here's the AP Top 25 Rankings.

This is where I wish I was today ...


Sunday, September 11, 2005

LSU comes from behind to beat ASU - 35 to 31!

LSU is now ranked 3rd in the country after their win over ASU, 35 to 31! What a great game!

Many thanks go to LSU and ASU's sport administrations for relocating the game at ASU.

In Remembrance of 9/11

In remembrance of 9/11, here's a link to a vivd reminder of what New York firefighters went through that day.

On the one year anniversary of 9/11, I was listening to KZLA in Los Angeles while driving into work. I remember a phone call that brought me to tears. It was a mother who called in and said that she was trying to get her 12 year old daughter to school. Her daughter wouldn't leave until she found the special 9/11 shirt that she had to wear. It was a tough drive in the rest of way ... the DJ had to step out for the rest of the hour ... a good 30 minutes.

Just one of my "golden" sides of life

Now that I'm more used to this blogging thing ... um, don't tell anyone I'm a scientist/engineer ... I've made the BIG leap to images and graphics.

This is just one part of paradise in my life ...


Light hits a stop sign

Scientists have discovered how to stop light for at least a second. That's a very loooong time!

This discovery is crucial to the development of quantum computers!

There are more exciting discoveries and I recommend visiting PHYSORG.COM.

Nanostructure discovered with DNA-like shape

A nanostructure with the helical configuration of DNA has been discovered that can replace sensors and other devices that require electromechanical couplings.

I think the similarity in the helical configuration of DNA is a coincidence, but who knows? Discoveries like this make me more skeptical of evloution on a macro-level. If man can do artificial selection, then why can't another intelligent species in the universe do the same thing?

Global Warming and Extra-Terrestrials

Scientists have discovered increased presence of methane over the past 250 years and attribute it to human sources, in other words, Global Warming. Like other Global Warming studies, the evidence was found in a specific region, this time in the polar caps buried in ice. It doesn't mean that the evidence isn't true, it is. The problem is that it focuses on one area on the planet and can be misleading. Another example of Global Warming "facts" is that earlier studies were based on tree rings in one specific region of the US. At any rate, it is information that should be studied.

One other concern is that when scientists put their reputation behind a theory, it's not in their best interest when it's disproven. I'll wait and see how the climatolgoists and critics of Global Warming react to this.

But then, another scientific finding shows that ancient humans generated much more methane than previously expected.

The detection of methane may also provide direct proof of extra-terrestrial life on other planets, in this case, Mars.

I have to believe with all the billions of galaxies, stars and planets out there that there has to be extraterrestrial life out there. The odds against it are just too great. Why would that be big deal? We humans live on a rock. Why can't other species live on other rocks? Frankly, when compared to the universe, at least what we know of it, I view humanity's existence on earth in the universe -- multiverse -- analogous to a molecule on a grain of sand on earth. We have so much more to discover ... to learn.

Don't get me wrong, I don't buy any of the UFO crap. Too many times I've heard about guys who seem to spot UFOs out in the woods after a few too many beers.

Here's a link to the Planetary Society's SETI. You can participate in their program.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Negative Quantum Info: If I tell you, you will know less

Here's an interesting explanation of Negative Quantum Information. One part of it indicates that by providing information, one knows less.

This doesn't quite go into the category of Schrodinger's Cat, but it's close. It's a lot of postulating, and as usual is possible, but it's a stretch.

Nanoparticles to prevent window fogging

MIT scientists may have come up with nanoparticle that prevents fogging of windows.

h/t quantumBlog

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Breakthrough in Quantum Computing

It was announced on August 31, 2005 that Hitachi has developed a silicon-based device that can do quantum computing. This could be huge!

BTW, I've added a set of quantum links under the Science Blogs section on the left-hand side.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Quantum Computer

Scientists are working on building the world's first quantum computer. The incredible speed at which computations can be done thanks to quantum properties of qubits.

This article starts from the basics and explains a qubit. From there, it explains the power of a quantum computer.

The power of the quantum computer takes advantage of qubits and can find solutions in one machine cycle, regardless of the number of qubits. This is incredible power! To find a solution on a 32 qubit quantum computer would take 1 machine cycle; to find a solution on your 32-bit PC the worst case is approximately 2.1 billion machine cycles.

As the number of the bits or qubits increases the computation just takes too long for a serial computer but the quantum computer still only takes one machine cycle!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chief Justice Rhenquist has died

Chief Justice Rhenquist has died. See