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I am an avid golfer who enjoys political discourse and quantum physics. I believe that regardless of politics that reality eventually intervenes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Life just keeps getting better

The PowerLine Blog has a couple of good 6/15 posts on how life keeps getting better for families:
Reflections on How Things Keep Getting Better
Leave it to Krugman

Not only has income risen for family in real dollars, but technology has vastly improved our lives in so many ways.

Most Earth-like Planet Yet is Discovered

Most Earth-like exoplanet yet is discovered: The New Scientist reported the discovery of the planet that has the closest resemblance to Earth to date. The planet was observed from the Keck Observatory in Hawaii while observing the star Gliese 876.

I just can't believe that we are the only life in the Universe. Discoveries such as this I hope will lead to the discoveries of life similar to ours.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Are we better off than we think?

Just got through reading a series of articles by one of my favorite columnists, Thomas Sowell. He's written 3 articles on the inappropriate labeling of the classes by Liberals:
Liberals and Class
Liberals and Class II
Liberals and Class III

As usual he really nails it.

Also, take a look at a 6/10/05 post, Healthier and Wealthier, on Kudlow's Money Politics Blog. It helps explain that we are much wealthier than recognized in media reports over the years. Even though savings accounts may be low, investments in real estate, stocks and bonds have made
many investors wealthier over the years.

Light Stopped in its Tracks

Here are a couple of advancements in fundamental science I came across today:
Researchers Stop Light in its Tracks
Cosmology Inconstant Constants

It's hard to believe that light to could be stopped, suspended. However light is a phenomenon that scientists have been trying to understand, especially the waves vs. particle behavior. It's just hard to believe that such progress has been made.

The inconstant constants is less surprising. Considering what we little we know of our universe, I believe many new discoveries will completely change life as we perceive it.

I am fascinated with quantum physics and quantum computers. I find these subjects difficult to understand unless I open my mind to things that don't seem possible. In fact, Dr. Feynmann said, essentially, that if you think youunderstand qunatum phenomena, then you don't.

Here's a link to New Scientist's Quantum section: Quantum World


My first post

For my first post, I wanted to lay out what the blog name means, what this blog will contain in general, and a little personal information. Keep in mind, life is one great adventure.

I feel very fortunate in the life I have led. I was born in Kansas, traveled all around the world and consider New Orleans my adopted hometown. My favorite place in the world is Sydney, Australia. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I love Australians. I currently live in California. Because of my fortunate life experiences I wanted to name this blog "Golden Odyssey".

I will bring up political issues of the day, as well as scientific and engineering developments. I hope we as a society are on the brink of incredible discoveries.